Pipo's "The Original Cuban Cafe"

Nearly three decades ago Ramon Sr. and Sinarah opened the family’s first Cuban café in the Town & Country community of Tampa Bay. Focused on staying true to the traditional and authentic flavors of Cuban cuisine, the family committed to use only quality ingredients and proven family recipes to build their menu.

That commitment continues today as the Hernandez family delivers Tampa Bay’s authentic Cuban taste to patrons through its four locations. Whether you choose the award winning roast pork, the mouth watering black beans and spanish rice, or a rich Cuban espresso you are guaranteed to experience the vibrant and diverse flavors and aromas of authentic Cuban cuisine.

For over thirty years, imitators have come and gone, but Pipo’s, “The Original Cuban café,” continues. And for that, we thank you. Best Wishes, Pipo and Family

A flavorful fusion of Carribbean, native Cuban,
and Latin cultures.

Platanitos Maduros


1 or more very ripe plantains

2 cups oil for frying


Plantains should be very ripe,
black skin. Peel plantains,
and slice diagonally.
In enough oil to almost
cover slices, fry over medium heat.
When golden brown on one side, turn and cook other side for another 5 minutes. Remove and drain over paper towels, serve hot.

Our extensive menu includes a rich and intoxicating mix of authentic ingredients, textures, and aromas.

Pipo's has been consistently recognized
as one of the best places in town to enjoy
classic Cuban fare in a warm,
friendly atmosphere.

Our restaurants have flourished over the years offering an array of freshly prepared Cuban and Caribbean dishes at affordable prices. Whether you're seeking full course meals or our famous Cuban sandwiches, we invite you to experience our home-style cooking, whether it’s take-out, catering, or dining-in.

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